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My name is Rowan Flint and I am here to be curious about our visual world.

Scottish artist exploring Painting, Printmaking, Installation and Collaboration. GSA Graduate 2016.


Owner and Holistic Therapist at Holistic Flint, Glasgow Est. Sept 2018

Life Drawing Tutor at Glasgow Art Club, Glasgow Nov - Dec 2018

Apprentice Printmaker at IST_PRINTING, Glasgow                                                    Apr - Oct 2017

Studio Internship at Timorous Beasties, Glasgow                                                   Feb - Mar 2017

Performer in Whereabouts You Are? by Inês Bento Coelho                                           

GSA PhD Exhibition, Reid Gallery, Glasgow                                         Oct-Nov 2016

Studio Internship at Sandersons, Uxbridge Sept 2014

Govanhill Lanterns Project, Commonwealth Games, Glasgow                                   July 2014

Studied Painting and Printmaking at Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow               Jun  2012 - 2016

The Perfect Spot, Tchai Ovna, Glasgow                                                                 June - July 2018

Women's Work: Being Seen (Pt 2), Lillie Art Gallery, Milngavie           October - November 2017

PARAMIC, Paralympic Funded Permanent Installation,

at Queen Mary University of London, Mile End Hospital, London         August - September 2017

Woman's Work: Being Seen (Pt 1), Lillie Art Gallery, Milngavie                                  April 2017

Emerging Contemporaries, The Glasgow Art Club, Glasgow                                   January 2017

DerDieDas Ensemble, Weirdo Warehouse, Glue Factory, Glasgow                         October 2016

New Generation Show 2016, Compass Gallery, Glasgow                                          July 2016

Garden of Unearthly Delights, GSA Degree Show, Glasgow                                    Jun-Jul 2016

Painting & Printmaking, Grace and Fyfe Clark Gallery, Glasgow                               May 2015

KSDIY, The Shipon Gallery, Kurt Schwitters Merzbarn, Cumbria                                 August 2014


Algarve Wandering Residency, Algarve Coast, Portugal April 2019

Backyard Residency, Aberdeenshire, Scotland                                                              April 2017

FAR (Floating Art Residency), Loch Shiel, Scotland                                                         July 2016

KSDIY Merzbarn Residency, Kurt Schwitters Merzbarn, Cumbria                                 July 2014

Hospitalfield Drawing Sessions, Hospitalfield, Arbroath                                              May 2012

BP Portrait Award Winter Schools, Aberdeen Art Gallery, Aberdeen                  November 2011


Soul Synergy, Logo Design for Soul Synergy Therapies, Glasgow January 2019

Brief Encounter, Poster Design for Iron Road Collective, Glenfinnan February 2018

Edging Forward, Logo Design for Robbie Crow, Glasgow January 2018

Mack #1, Album Artwork for Crawford Mack, London                                                                     December 2016

We Are The Circumference, Album Artwork for Graeme Miller, Glasgow                                     November 2016

Central Station, Album Artwork for Crawford Mack, London                                                         October 2016

My artwork explores a diverse range of methodologies engaging with raw emotion and adaptability. I work with a core paradox: Everyone’s perspective is unique but we share experience more commonly that we are able or willing to comprehend.

Across printmaking, installation, painting and material driven practices, I respond to my experience of being and doing in place.  

I listen to the experiences of others and look to make shared curiosity inherent within existing spaces. I want to challenge the notion of overwriting history, of appropriating cultures and of dictating meaning. I build worlds that are at odds with ours, but that make reference to reality in order to freely ask questions. In essence, I create work that a viewer autonomously interprets by being motivated to engage.

Through my formal training at GSA; as a studio intern; apprentice printmaker and assorted freelance work, I have learnt to respond to materials, environments and people to develop an impactful outcome. I process, combine, research and recombine the fundamental elements of a situation to find intersections of feeling and honesty. 

I am drawn to grotesque subversions of Hiernoymous Bosch; the resilience of Nancy Spero; the passion of Wangechi Mutu and the playfulness of Pipilotti Rist. I explore the hybrid and the humourous through the language of multiplicity, of interconnectivity.

My hope is that through sheer curiosity, we might collectively find balance.


I am extremely interested in hearing your opinion and would welcome discussion on any response you may have. 



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