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A collaboration between Rowan Flint and Eilidh Page Morrissey,

Graduates of GSA, Painting & Printmaking, 2016.


They sought to paint the QMU’s Sports Med Department,

From the inside out they researched the historical, the contemporary

The Olympic; The Paralympic – The Figures

Of the diverse, the determined; Those In Motion.

Conversations became ideas became drawings,

That passed between them forming digital libraries of figures

To be rendered in colours of The Paralympic Symbol.

To QMU, inhabiting the site, happening in situ

Those bodies were released, projected on to the walls

Playful Placement

Indulging as they grew across rooms

Enveloping the lecture theatre, the ward and corridor

Taking on a hilarious life of their own

Figures dive out of sight

Riveted by the lecture screen

Bounce down the corridor with joy

Pointing out the safety features

Disrupting the lifeless features of industrial, ergonomic design.


From within, they look out

From the past, they look forward

From motion, they delight in the PARAMIC


They hope you delight in it too.

Rowan Flint